Tips for Saving Up For Your Vacation

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We all daydream about that perfect vacation as we sit at work staring out of the window pretending to be thinking about our latest assignment as we doodle nonsensical sketches on the pad in front of us. And we've all sat there, down in the dumps and scratching our head, trying to work out how on earth we're going to be able to afford that dreamy holiday on our measly salary. Well, where there's a will, there's always a way. First of all, choose where you want to go and go for the cheaper option within that realm. Don't stay in that over-priced hotel getting charged for a breakfast you'll never have since it closes at 9am, and which forces you to go out all the time since your room is too small and claustrophobic to stay in for any length of time. Instead, look around for a vacation rental home, cheaper to rent, and also allowing you the opportunity to spend less whilst on holiday since you can spend a few hours in the evening relaxing in the lounge, and maybe cooking at home. Then there are lots of things that you can do to start saving up whilstving out your normal routine, and building a fund in order to go on your perfect vacation. The underlying theme here is 'look after the pennies'' You'll be amazed at how much you can save by just skimming attle here and attle there. Start by making a budget wonderful vacation plan. Work out how much you need to save over what length of time thus giving you a good idea of the targets you need to reach. Then, go through yourfestyle and work out what you spend on what items. Pinpoint the luxuries in yourfe, that magazine you buy to just skim through on the way to work, those taxis you get just to avoid walking for 10 minutes, that gym subscription you pay even though you only go once a month, thatttle bit that you pay to valet your car when you could just wash it yourself. If you put your mind to it you'll find many suchttle 'luxuries', and what you save on them collectively will add up to a fair amount. You can even add up what they all come to and then set up a direct debit for that exact amount going into your savings fund every month. Want to really save money for a wonderful vacation, cancel any subscriptions and direct debits which have been going out of your account since before you can remember. Then, go through all the items in your loft and pile up the 'unwanted' and the 'will never ever use again', set up an Ebay account and sell, sell, sell. And then do the age-old classic; start saving up all your small change, stick them in a glass bottle and watch them pile up, and every now and then,ke when you've got home and realize that you've not spent as much money as you thought you did that night, stick a large note in there. It soon builds up. Lastly, learn to cook. Forget takeouts and fancy restaurants. Buy some raw ingredients and create your own, it's cheaper, can be tastier and healthier, and is also good fun. But above all it saves money. Do all of the above and you'll be able to afford the most palatial vacation rental villa and have enough spare cash tove out the dream. John Owens Is a writer for Vacations rental homes and holiday homes and rental condos rented directly from the owner of the vacation rental home.